September, 2013

  • Photoshop in perspective

    How To Draw One and Two-Point Perspective with Karl Gude

    Karl draws a road, house and phone poles all disappearing into distant mountains. The road, phone poles and front of the house are all in one-point perspective (pointing at a single “vanishing point”) and the side of the house is the second vanishing point, which makes this drawing two-point perspective.

  • Explizit modeling

  • Fundamentals

    100 tips to an easier 3ds max life by Mike Pickton

    Sixth in a series of videos of 3ds max tips and tricks. Topics: Editable Poly: transformations and snaps, subdividing/cutting, welding/removing, using different pivots Creating objects: Primitives, Creating Splines, Extrude, lathe, loft , Scatter, Proboolean Modifier: the modifier stack, subdivision modifiers, symmetry, Free Form, Deform (FFD), Displacement, Procedural maps (noise etc) Material: slate material editor, composite […]

  • 3ds_max_object

  • 3d modeling

    3ds Max Nurbs Surfaces

    This video explains how to create NURBS curves and NURBS Surfaces in 3ds Max

  • 3ds_max_surface

    Using the Topology Freeform Function – Part 2

    This Part 2 movie on the Topology tool shows how to refine the model after you have blocked it out.

  • 3ds_max_surface

    Using the Topology Freeform Function – Part 1

    This movie showcases the Topology function found in the Graphite Freeform Tools that enables you to build a low-poly model from a hight-poly counterpart. This can be useful when you purchase or receive a model, and then discover that its geometry is imperfect. You can rebuild this geometry using the Topology function. This first part […]

  • 3ds_max_surface

    Setting up the Graphite Modeling Tools

    This movie shows some basic operations to set up the Graphite Modeling Tools UI, which is essentially used for polygon modeling techniques. Here you learn how to set it in different ways, including as a docked or a floating interface.

  • 3d modeling

    Basic modeling in 3ds Max – Graphite Tools by Paul Fatkins

    Basic overview of 3ds max Graphite Modeling tools, Freeform tools, and selection tools on various geometry native in 3ds max.

  • 3d modeling

    Edit Poly Modifier – Modifier Stack 3ds Max by Paul Fatkins

    How to work in the modifier stack and use some of the graphite modeling tools as well as some basic modifiers to get quick forms and structures produced for conceptual modeling.