Freeform modelling is about designing freeform surfaces.
“CAD software packages use two basic methods for the creation of surfaces. The first begins with construction curves (splines) from which the 3D surface is then swept (section along guide rail) or meshed (lofted) through.
The second method is direct creation of the surface with manipulation of the surface poles/control points. From these initially created surfaces, other surfaces are constructed using either derived methods such as offset or angled extensions from surfaces; or via bridging and blending between groups of surfaces.” (wikipedia)

  • Freeform modeling with “OpenSubDiv” Modifier in a parametric way (3ds max 2016)


    This video shows you how to model a cantilever chair in a parametric way with “EditPoly(Animate)” and “OpenSubDiv” Modifier in 3ds max (2016 higher) out of a box. OpenSubDiv is a very easy way of freeform modeling. If you want to work with a specific material thickness, than it´s best to start with a Line” […]

  • “Mesh Smooth Modifier”- Freeform subdivision modeling


    Based on low polygon modelling you can smooth via subdividing the tessellation of your 3D object the shape of your 3D object and use this method to redefine and model your freeform design. The smoothness of your design will be defined by the iteration of your subdivision. For this kind of freeform modelling you can […]

  • FFD-Modifier – “Freeform Design” Modifier


    FFD stands for free-form deformation. The “FFD -Modifier” surrounds the selected geometry with a lattice box or cylinder. By adjusting the control points of the lattice, you deform the enclosed geometry.

  • Nurbs modelling

    “Nurbs modelling (Non-uniform rational basis spline) is a mathematical model (…) for generating and representing curves and surfaces. It offers great flexibility and precision for handling both analytic (surfaces defined by common mathematical formulae) and modelled shapes.” (wikipedia) This video explains how to create NURBS curves and NURBS Surfaces in 3ds max. 3ds max is mainly […]