Grid structures

Design examples: "Grid structures"

Architectural grid structures are made up of poles or spatial lattice. In digital design they are quiet often abstracted from polyhedrons. A polyhedron is a solid in three dimensions with flat faces and straight edges. The poles of the grid structure correspond to the edges and borders of the polyhedron. Because the topology of your 2D surface can be the possible base of your grid structure it is important to be familiar with the design strategy tesseolation.

There are two different kind of basic grid structures:
1. Surface oriented grid structures
2. Space filling grid structures

  • Grid structures built out of lines


    This video shows how to built grid structures and trusses built out of spline lines in 3ds max with typical profiles like: channel, tee, pipe and wide flange, etc.  

  • Grid structures built out of 2D surfaces and 3D objects


    This video shows how to build grid structures and mullions out of 2D surfaces and 3D objects in 3ds max. Both methods are based on the topology/ tessellation of your geometry. You can create shapes/ lines from the edges of your surface and use these lines to create your grid structure. The video also shows […]