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    This page is an old page of “Digitales Entwerfen” and will be reworked…

    Controller Library
    Mit Hilfe der in Para3D vorgegebenen Controller können Sie sehr komplexe Entwurfslösungen auf einfache Weise erstellen. Die Controller können in folgende Kategorien unterteilt werden:
    – Objektbezogene Controller mit externer Referenz (Curve-, Surface-, Polygon-, Mesh-, Magnet-, Bitmap-, Array-Link-Controller)
    -Objektbezogene Controller mit interner und externer Referenz (Linkcontroller)
    -Objektbezogene Controller mit interner Referenz (Linear-, Interpolatecontroller)
    -Controller für Transformationen (Trans-, Deform-, Graph-, Math-, Mix-, Ring-Controller)
    -Logikbezogene Controller (Condition-, Logic-, Comparison-Controller)
    -Patternbezogene Controller (Patter-, Random-, Subobjectcontroller)
    -sonstige Controller (Vector-, L-System-, Convertcontroller)

    Einige Videos sind entstanden im Rahmen eines Workshops “Parametric Design” des Masterstudiengangs “Kommunikation im Raum”, 1. Semester 2011/12, unter der Leitung von Ali Torabi im November 2011.

    Objektbezogene Controller mit externer Referenzen

    Magnet Controller in Parametric Array 2
    Der Magnet-Controller ermöglicht das Verändern und Kontrollieren von Formen oder Elementen mit Hilfe eines Magneten. Jegliche Formen oder Linien können hierbei als Magnet genutzt werden. So können zum Beispiel Öffnungen abhängig von diesem Magneten ihre Größe ändern.

    Authorin: Magdalena Teuber

    Introducing Magnet controller
    Magnet controller ( also known as Attractor ) is one the Node based* controllers in PARA 3D which can generate both scalar and vector values. Mostly we use this controller in scalar mode. Magnet controller outputs a certain value within the specified range set by user (Magnet settings) based on the distance of the target object or angle of the ray coming from it (Field settings).
    The example below demonstrate the Magnet controller in action. The result is based on the distance of magnet node from the object in the array. (Position mode)

    Magnet Controller position and orientation
    This video explains the Magnet controller Position/Orientation features in detail.

    Curve as magnet
    Magnet controller can take a curve controller as source of magnetic effect. Instead of picking magnet node assign a curve controller to the Reference Controller channel and set the curve controller output to closest point.

    Mix multiple magnets
    Learn how to apply multiple magnets on one array.

    Creating noise effect in magnetic field
    By adding random controller in offset channel of the Magnet controller you can create noise effect in magnetic field.

    Surface Controller in Parametric Array 2
    Mit dem Surface Controller lassen sich beliebige 2 und 3 dimensionale Formen und Objekte einer Fläche parametrisch zuordnen.

    Authorin: Olga Kondrjuk

    Pattern Controller in Parametric Array 2
    In the program parametric array the pattern controller can be used as subcontroller. With its help you can controll the dimensions of an object, which have a specific value check.

    Authorin: Navina Groß

    Pattern Controller in Parametric Array 2

    Autor: Ali Torabi

    Curve Controller in Parametric Array 2
    In the program parametric array the pattern controller can be used as subcontroller. With its help you can controll the dimensions of an object, which have a specific value check.

    Authorin: Olga Zergibel

    Curve controller and local offset
    Autor: Ali Torabi

    Bitmap Controller in Parametric Array 2 (siehe auf Menü Surface Controller)
    With the Bitmap Controller, a tool of Paramtetric Array, you can project an image on a repetitive modular structure. You can obtain the best result with a black and white image.

    Authorin: Dorothee Mainka

    Objektbezogene Controller mit externer und interner Referenzen

    Basics of link-controller
    This is a new edition of old video tutorial (Parametric Brick wall) which uses link and math controllers to create a random pattern of stone blocks.

    Link Controller in Parametric Array 2
    – Bringt Objekte in Abhängigkeit zueinander
    – Vernetzt Objekte miteinander
    – Veränderungen können wieder zum Ursprung gebracht werden
    – Steuerung von Objekten durch ein anderes Objekt

    Authorin: Isabel Klaus

    Objektbezogene Controller mit interner Referenz

    Linear + Interpolate Controller in Parametric Array 2
    Controller zur dreidimensionalen parametrischen Anordnung von Gruppenelementen.

    Author: Nemanja Tomasevic

    Linear + Interpolate Controller in Para3D
    You can use Interpolate controller to transform a curve in the array.
    This controller creates smooth transition between the items you select and modify by intermediate items.

    Controller für Transformationen

    Mix Controller in Parametric Array 2
    The Mix Controller makes it possible to combine a user-defined amount of Controllers in order to control a certain parameter of a structure. Through this tool one can define the influence of each Controller and the type of mixing modus.

    Authorin: Janina Rausch

    Curve + Math + Condition Controller in Parametric Array 2
    Curve + Math + Condition Controller in Parametric Array 2.

    Authorin: Edyta Bednarska
    Mix controller offers multiple ways of mixing controllers results( Additive/Average/Minimum/Maximum) . It works on Scalar/Vector and Matrix type of outputs. In this video we control the position of the cubes by mixing two different curve controllers while each one is working on different curve in different dimension. The result is kind of ruled surface generated by two curves.

    use mix controller to combine two curve controllers

    Autor: Ali Torabi

    Collection and list controller
    Collecting items from another array in a list based on the value of a bitmap controller. Mehr info…

    Ring + Link Controller in Parametric Array 2
    Der Ringcontroller ordnet Objekte in einem Ring an. Der Link Controller vernetzt Objekte mit einem oder mehreren Parametric Arrays, in diesem Beispiel mit den Vertexpunkten.

    Authorin: Francesca Müller

    Logikbezogene Controller

    condition controller and graph controller
    COntrol the parameter by chance: This video shows that random controller can produce Boolean values (TRUE-FALSE) by chance. You can make decision based on the result of the random controller. This process is similar to coin flipping.


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