Para3D Examples

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Videotutorials Parametric Design mit Para3D
Auf dieser Seite finden Sie Videos, die Anwendungsbeispiele von Parametric Array im Rahmen von Parametric Design zeigen. Anhand der Videos können Sie sehr gut die Funktionalität der Software verstehen lernen.
Weiterhin finden Sie viele sehr gute Videotutorials zu Parametric Array 1, dem Vorgänger von Parametric Array2, über den Blog von Parametric Array: Videotutorials Parametric Array 1

Sectiontool with Parametric Array 2
Durch das Rotieren einfacher Schnittebenen mit Parametric Array lassen sich ganz verschiedene Ergebnisse erzeugen. Man kann die Rotation zum Beispiel durch einen Random Controller kontrollieren und zufällig angeordnete Schnittebenen erstellen, oder gezielt mit dem Pattern Controller Muster erzeugen.
Autorin: Nine Bläß

Unfold Surface in Parametric Array 2
Das Video zeigt, wie man eine parametrische Oberfläche, welche man in 3d Studio Max mit dem Plugin Parametric Array erstellt hat, abwickelt, um diese Abwicklung z.B. für den Lasercutter zu verwenden.

Autorin: Lisa Bader

Boolean objects and Para3D
You can access the operands inside the Compound objects such as Boolean objects. Watch this video to see how you can control the location of cutout by a magnet controller.

Creating organic fom in Para 3D
Einsatz von Linkcontroller.
One of the interesting functions of PARA 3d is the link tool from the link controller. using this tool you can actually link the objects together just like what you do with link function in 3ds MAX. Index values defines the target objects for link operation. for example index1= -1 means objects will be linked to the previous object in D1 direction.
After you create a chain of links in your array you can modify the rotation and scale parameter to creates fractal kind of geometry ,at the end a mesh smooth modifier can give a nice effect to the end result.

Creating noise effect in magnetic field
By adding random controller in offset channel of the Magnet controller you can create noise effect in magnetic field.

Using a curve as magnet (attractor)
Autor: Ali Torabi

Learn how to apply multiple magnets on one array
Autor: Ali Torabi

Manipulate operands inside the Boolean objects in a parametric array
Autor: Ali Torabi

name=”src” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/zv0wfzDjUMI?version=3&hl=de_DE” />
Autor: Ali Torabi

Create fractal tree with Para3D
Learn how to use l-system controller in PARA 3D (Parametric Array) to create a self similar object (Fractal) from a collection of reference objects. You create the first generation of the fractal and program will produce the next generations in one click! Mehr Info…

L-systems in Para3D
In this video we use PARA 3D to create Dragon Curve. The definitions of dragon curve can be found in Wikipedia. This is the most easy example to explain the implementation of rules and variables of L-systems in Parametric array. mehr Info…

Find closest object in array to a given pointD
To find the closest item of an array to the given point P, we should sort the list of points based on the distance from -P-. in this sorted list the first item is always closest point. see the video to find out how to setup controller in 3ds MAX to do so.

Animated DNA using Para link
Complex result can be achieved by linking two or more parametric array together. In this video we use PARA link controller to connect two independent array with a line segment. This can also be used in animation.

Loft objects in Para3D
This video shows the potential of using Loft object in Parametric array.
If you array the loft object PARA cannot find the information about the PATH object (base line) To get access to the vertices of the path object you need to animate the object before you use it.