Design Strategies

  • Design strategies

    Digital Design and Digital Media changed the way of designing and producing fundamentally. New methods of planning, designing and producing extend the possibilities of design. Tools for 3D modelling, parametric and generic design have their own logic and can lead to a different kind of design. They also ask for a different type of thinking of how to get to your design – digital designing demands its own digital design strategies.

    Sometimes you probably ask yourself:
    Why does it look like this? How can I describe it? How did they design and how did they built this? And can I design things like this?

    This page as a platform for ‘Digital Design Strategies’ tries to give you an overview of the most common design strategies:
    1. It categorises digital design in digital design strategies
    2. It shows you design examples for each category
    2. It shows you different kind of principles behind every design strategy
    3. It explains you in different learning sections how to use these principles for your own design exemplarily with the 3d modelling software 3ds max

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