3ds max

With 3ds Max, the software for modeling and visualization in 3D, you can create extensive game worlds, impressive scenes for design visualizations and fascinating experiences in virtual reality. 3ds max is based on polygon modeling and runs only on Microsoft Windows operating system.

Student version
Autodesk software programs are made available to you free of charge for a period of at least 3 years during your studies. You must register for the first time and identify yourself as a student at Mainz University of Applied Sciences or name Mainz University of Applied Sciences.
The link for the download/registration (create account) of the software program 3ds max: Link
The link for downloading/registering the software program Autocad Architecture: Link

  • Modeling with 3ds max

    Every 3d design is based on points, lines and surfaces. Once you understand the basics of 3d modeling you can work on your individual design strategy to make your ideas real. 3ds max is primarily a surface modeling tool based on polygon surfaces.

  • Visualisation with 3ds max

    To creat photorealistic visualisations is easy. Difficult is to find a way of abstraction and the right answer for your design.

  • Parametric modeling with para 3d

    PARA 3d is a scripted plug-in for 3DS MAX which enables users to create parametric digital models and animations using all excessive modeling features of 3DS MAX and additional controllers available in the plug-in.


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