Erco Lighting Download and setup in Rhino & Twinmotion


3d Modell and IES Files

1. Download alternative 3d Modell formats

2. Download IES Files

3. Download texures

How to Import lighting into Twinmotion

Import /Export from Rhino

  1. Import FBX in Rhino and choose your lighting
    1. add selected 3d-objects to new layer “Erco-Lighting-01”
    2. add new custom material “Erco-body” to object
    3. add new custom material “Erco-reflector” ro lighting reflector
  2. Move selected light to the origin of the coordinate system!
  3. Export selected lighting as Motionbuilder(.FBX) or Rhino file
  4. Import lighting and distribute lighting into your 3d scene
  5. Export selected lightings as Motionbuilder(.FBX)

Import to Twinmotion

  1. Import your selected and distributed lightings in twinmotion as “Collaps by material”
  2. Add IES light from library to imported lightings and set “Attenuation” to minimum size of the room
  3. Alternatively you can import external IES-files under “light”
  4. Set Shadows “On”

Lumen (Intensity of light)

  • 450 lm = 40 Watt
  • 800 lm = 60 Watt
  • 1600 lm = 100 Watt
  • 4000 lm = 300 Watt

Kelvin (color temperature of light)

  • 1800 K = Candle flame
  • 2700 K = warm white light
  • 3500 K = colder white light
  • 5000 K = Horizon daylight
  • 6500 K = Daylight, overcast
  • 8000 K = LCD Screen

Link Erco-Produktseite Interior

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