Computational design

Computational design changes the way we design and produce. But it can also change the way design looks like. “designstrategies.org” explores the impact of computational design on our environment and will teach you how to do it!
Computational design

Design strategies

Computer think digital, humans think analog. Computational design is based on digital design strategies, the way, computer think. A good understanding and practise of these strategies will make the computer a better friend and help you with your own design.
Digital fabrication

Digital fabrication

Digital fabrication methods like 3d printing, CNC milling and laser cutting translate your computational design into reality and enable you to create a great variety of individual design solutions. But how does this work?


Learn the principles of ‘Design Strategies’ for your projects!The learning sections are based on the teaching and research experience of “Digitales Entwerfen” at School of design Mainz, Germany. Software: mainly 3ds max and para 3d.


For insights and inspiration - the blog area is a selection of external talks, projects and inspiration in the field of computational design.

What's new!

  • Modelling

    Workspace DE with dimension chain, sectioning and export function

    The aim of  the extension “DIMaster” for 3ds max is to give basic functionality for drawing dimension chains like in CAD. You can use it for visualisation and quick drawings with dimension chains for export to illustrator and CAD. But for more complex technical drawings, 3ds max doesn´t replace a proper CAD programm like autocad. […]

  • Modelling

  • DE 3 – “Parametric Design & Digital Production”, SoSe 2016

    Dieser Kurs beschäftigte sich mit kleinen Gestaltungsübungen mit dem Fokus: parametrisches 3D Modeling und digitale Fertigung anhand der Gestaltungsaufgabe Leuchte: parametrische Leuchte auf Basis eines Musters, Leuchte basierend auf einer Waffelstruktur.

  • Digital Design

    DE1, “Digitale Gestaltungsgrundlagen”, “Pattern 4”, SoSe 2016

    Der Kurs „Digitales Entwerfen 1“ im ersten Semester vermittelt die Grundlagen im Umgang mit dem Computer im Bereich der Darstellenden Geometrie sowie digitaler Präsentationstechniken anhand von Mustern- Pattern. Die Studenten werden in die Lage versetzt, mit Hilfe des Computers Geometrien dreidimensional zu bearbeiten und in ein physisches Architekturmodell zu überführen. Grundkenntnisse für die Erstellung atmosphärischer […]

  • DE 2, Conceptual Design “Pattern 4”, SoSe 2016

    Das Semester beschäftigt sich mit der Erlernung und Einübung digitaler Entwurfsstrategien als Conceptual Design anhand einer einfachen Entwurfsaufgabe in 3D: „Shop für ein Modelabel“ auf Basis eines vorgegebenen 2D-Pattern. Die Studierenden erlernen das photorealistische Visualisieren ihrer Entwurfsübung. Hierbei stehen Themen wie Material, Licht und Bildatmosphäre für die Erstellung der atmosphärischen Visualisierungen im Mittelpunkt.

  • Media Architecture, Video

    CORNEA TI/ morphing light to space

    CORNEA TI is the transformation of light, shape and sound in space. Letters transform into each other and morph into an illuminated anagram. For this purpose, three containers on a container boat form an interactive stage. But only from the perspective of the audience visitors can experience the installation in its entirety: the transformation of […]

  • Parametric

    Introduction into para 3d (4.6)

    This video is an introduction into para 3d (4.6), a node based plugin for generic design for 3ds max. It explains the workflow of para 3d and the functionality of the interface. It also gives you a basic understanding of parametric design.  

  • Modelling

    3ds max (2017) – Introduction for designers

    This video is an introduction into 3ds max for designers. It covers the most important topics related to “How to work” with 3ds max in terms of 3d modeling. The most important shortcuts I recommend to use and remember: F2 – Shade selected faces toggle in viewport F3 – Toggle between wireframe and realistic/smooth in […]

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