02-Endoframe: Basics “Disassemble” by Ali Torabi (41min)

Programming and video: Ali Torabi, researcher at Robolab for Digital Manufacturing at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz.

  • Development + Programming: Ali Torabi
  • Development + Digital Manufacturing: Sascha Urban
  • Head of Research Project and Robolab Digital Manufacturing: Prof. Klaus Teltenkötter

This video is part of the research project “Endoframe” in cooperation with Bächer & Bergmann, Digitale Manfufaktur.


DOWNLOAD PLUGIN OPENNEST (Install under: Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components)


Used commands:
Mesh to polygon surface, Assembly, Disassemble, Disassemble shell, OpenNest + PackObjects, Deconstruct plane, Move, Amplitude, Custom preview, Edge Labeling (to Mesh to Polygon surface), Merge


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