3ds max – Introduction for designers

This video is an introduction into 3ds max 2017 for designers. It covers the most important topics related to “How to work” with 3ds max in terms of 3d modeling.
The most important shortcuts I recommend to use and remember:

  • F2 – Shade selected faces toggle in viewport
  • F3 – Toggle between wireframe and realistic/smooth in viewport
  • F4 – View edged faces in viewport
  • X – “Search all Actions” menue!
  • G – Hide/show grid
  • Q/W/E/R – Select/Select and move/Select and rotate/Select and scale
  • H – Select by name
  • S – snap toggle
  • T/F/L/C – Top/Front/Left/Camera Viewport
  • M – Open material editor
  • Spacebar – Selection lock toggle

Further information about shortcuts: 3DStudioMAX-hotkeys (3d.nuts.com)

1. Introduction

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