CORNEA TI/ morphing light to space

CORNEA TI is the transformation of light, shape and sound in space. Letters transform into each other and morph into an illuminated anagram. For this purpose, three containers on a container boat form an interactive stage. But only from the perspective of the audience visitors can experience the installation in its entirety: the transformation of light and form through music – visual music.

CORNEA TI is built as huge furniture out of 600sqm sewn synthetic leather based on a wooden structure and cushioned with foam. Between every sectioning plane there is a motion detector to measure the position of the visitors and the attendance. 1600 leds are controlled by a computer. They visualize the music of the musicians and the movements of the visitors. The interactive sound is based on the transformation of letters. Musicians can use CORNEA TI as an interactive stage for immersive music events.

CORNEA TI is a project of Bachelor Interior Architecture of University of Applied Sience Mainz, supervised by Prof. Klaus Teltenkötter. It is developed for the lighting event Luminale in Frankfurt Germany in cooperation with Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, Ensemble Modern Frankfurt and International Ensemble Modern Academy.

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ADC Student Award 2015 Bronze

CORNEA TI/ Impressions

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