Principles of data types and program structure in grasshopper by Ali Torabi

This video is a live recording of a ZOOM session “Digitales Entwerfen 3” in WiSe2021.

Used commands:

  • “Point List”: Displays details about list of points in viewport
  • “List Item”: Retrievs a specific item from a list
  • “list length” (28 min): measure the length of a list
  • “divide curve” (30 min): divide a line into equal length
  • “Branch as tree” + “Construct path” (47 min): Retrieves a specific branch from a tree
  • “Cull Pattern”(Video 2, 19min): remove elements in a list using a repeating bit mask
  • “Shift List” (24min): offsets all items in a list
  • “move” (32): move an item along a vector
  • “Series” (34): creates a series of numbers
  • “Relative item” (42): shift branches in a tree

Rule: if the structure changes a new branch will be added. If only a value changes no extra branch will be added


Explanation of wires in Grasshopper

1. Example:connect two lines

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