Freeform modeling with “OpenSubDiv” Modifier in a parametric way (3ds max 2016)

This video shows you how to model a cantilever chair in a parametric way with “EditPoly(Animate)” and “OpenSubDiv” Modifier in 3ds max (2016 higher) out of a box. OpenSubDiv is a very easy way of freeform modeling.
If you want to work with a specific material thickness, than it´s best to start with a Line” or with a “plane” (Polygone) and add thickness at the end with “Shell-Modifier” (Straighten corners).

Convex Faces
If you have convex faces in your TurnToPoly_01geometry like in this example below, than you should add an “TurnToPoly” modifier underneath your opensub+creaseSet-modifier and enable the option “Keep polygons the polygons convex”. (klick on the picture for bigger resolution)

How to create “Hard edges” after using freeform method “openSub” in 3ds max 2016
(klick on the picture for bigger resolution)

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