How to setup your rendering in Rhino 6 (28min)

You can work with the realtime view port renderer “Raytrace” (Cycles) for best result if you have a computer with a fast graphic card and ideally support of CUDA rendering (NVIDIA). The basic settings of 1000 samples under “Rhino Options/Cycles/Samples” are much to high. Use 20 samples for working in the viewport and 100 samples for rendering.

Normally “Render” with “Ambient occlusion” setting is also very good.

Good seetings for raytrace sample quality in Rhino are:

  • Low quality:       4 samples
  • Draft quality:     20 samples
  • Good quality:    100 samples
  • High quality:      500 samples

Settings of how to create Wireframe Visualisation

Click on picture to enlarge

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