Tetris, Luminale 2008

Based on computer controlled LED technology, students of the department Interior Architecture developed a media façade for the university building Holzstrasse. This was realised within the framework of the Luminale 2008. The light installation consists of 200 LED lights, controlled via a computer programme and with a reflector specially developed for this purpose. The integration of digital media serves as an additional dimension of communication: the viewer communicates with the university, the university is drawing attention to itself within the city. While realising this project, and through interdisciplinary cooperation with the department of Media Design, the installation was complemented by the interactive computer game Tetris, in which the play counters are controlled from the opposite side of the road via a laser pointer via light sensors.

Team: Maren Berkmann, Géraldine Ecault, Julia Lotter, Anita May, Stephanie Roos, Ines Ungar
Mediadesign: Carsten Altmann
Print&Layout: Johannes Schiebe
Project Lead: Prof. Klaus Teltenkötter

Partner & Sponsor: LED-System Osram GmbH
Siemens AG

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