Werkstattgespräche / Schmidhuber / Timm Wilks

Let´s talk in space
Multidimensionales Storytelling

Timm Wilks, Creative Director of the agency SCHMIDHUBER from Munich gave a very exciting lecture on Tuesday evening, November 20, 2018, as part of our series “Workshop Talks”, followed by a discussion about multidimensional storytelling and insides from the Schmidhuber office.

SCHMIDHUBER is one of the world’s leading specialists in the field of three-dimensional brand staging in space. Since Schmidhuber works very interdisciplinary, the lecture was also exciting for communication designers, media designers and architects.

” WERKSTATTGESPRÄCHE -BEHIND THE SCENES” gives you the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of creatives, agencies, companies and developers in a relaxed workshop atmosphere and with cool drinks. In this way, you can broaden your horizons during your studies with a view to possible professional fields and exchange ideas with potential employers.

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