Explizit modeling: Workspace DE with dimension chain, sectioning and export function

The aim of  the extension “DIMaster” for 3ds max is to give basic functionality for drawing dimension chains like in CAD. You can use it for visualisation and quick drawings with dimension chains for export to illustrator and CAD. But for more complex technical drawings, 3ds max doesn´t replace a proper CAD programm like autocad.

You can use DIMaster, sectioning and export like shown in this video, when you have installed the workspace “Digitales Entwerfen (Link)”

The DIMaster is based on the very nice plugin DIMaster 2.0, programmed by Borislav Petrov.
The plugin is fully reworked and complemented with sectioning and export function by Kostadin Kotev from Miauumaxscript.
Thanks a lot for this amazing work!

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